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Living Compassion Vertiefung mit Robert Gonzales

Februar 5 @ 9:30 - Februar 8 @ 16:30

Because of Roberts health some workshop dates had to be changed in 2018 and 2019
At the same times these changes opened up some new opportunities, one of those is
this 4 day intensive retreat for everyone who is inspired to dive really deep into
Roberts work of “Living Compassion”.

For everyone who is either new to Roberts work or who just wants to repeat his
foundational processes, we highly recommend to also attend the 3 days in Frankfurt,
which take place from February 1st to 3rd.
The 3 days will be fully translated into German, all information can be found HERE

The 4 day intensive retreat


As the name suggests, the intensive will be different in depth and intensity also
supported by the “retreat” atmosphere, where participants will spend the 4 days
together, eating and sleeping at the venue.

Robert will continue to offer more of his in depth processes and exercises which
will be demonstrated with participants in the large group and later always
practiced in small groups supported by a team of assistants.

The workshop language for the 4 days will be English.
With a high number of German speaking participants, it will always be possible
to do your small group work in German.

Please also check the in-depth description of the full content of the 4 days as provided by Robert below.

Registration is now open, reserve your space right here: REGISTRATION

Times, dates and place

Date: February 5th to February 8th 2019


Tuesday:   09:30 – 18:00
Wednesday & Thursday: 09:00 – 18:00
Friday:  09:00 – 16:30


Seminarhaus Sampurna
Am Tiergarten 1
65388 Schlangenbad-Bärstadt

Contact & Directions


3 Nights at Sampurna including organic meals:

Single room:  381,- €
Double room: 351,- €
Multiple bed room: 321,- €
Tent / Camper Van: 261,- €

Seminar fee

The seminar fee for the full 4 days with Robert Gonzales is  890,- €

Cancellations & Refunds

For cancellations before December 1st 2018 we will refund your fees minus 50,- € handling fee.
There are no refunds if you cancel after December 1st or can not attend the seminar.

SHORT time pre-Christmas offering:

For all newly registering participants between now (December 17th) and December 22nd we will give a 300,- € reduction on the seminar fee (so 590,- instead of the regular 890,- €) OR you can register with a friend and only one of you will pay the seminar fee and the other one is free. Or both of you pay half of the regular fee.

Questions? E-Mail us at

Participate? Register HERE


Full description of Workshop Content


Four Days of Deepening in Living Compassion

Frankfurt 2019

The purpose of this workshop is to support the deepening and embodying of a living consciousness:

  • Developing a daily spiritual life practice. (NVC as a Spiritual Practice)
  • Defining the conditions that support a spiritual life practice.
  • Living in a container community of compassion.
  • Self-compassion as a foundation for all of life.
  • Compassionate Mutuality – Self- healing dialogues: a new approach.
  • Choosing Life: The Illusion of Conflicting Needs


Overview of 4 days  – Deepening and Embodying a Living Consciousness

Day 1 Cultivating and Deepening our Connection with Life Force.


  • Developing a deeper understanding of the Spirituality of Needs.

  • Practices and Exercises that deepen our connection to our own vital life force.

  • Establish a clear pathway to identifying, experiencing and cultivating this consciousness


  • Dyad meditation to deepen presence
  • Group harvesting and debrief.

Day 2 Self-Compassion as a Foundation for All of Life


  • A review of the fundamentals of self-compassion
  • Developing self-compassion


  • Modeling the practice of self-compassion
  • Inner maps that guide the practice of self-compassion and cultivating inner wholeness.
  • Individual practice, application of the inner maps
  • Group harvesting and debrief.

Day 3 Choosing Life: The Illusion of Conflicting Needs


  • Developing inner clarity about choices to be in harmony with our values.
  • Healing the obstacles to life-connected choosing
  • Learn a guide to develop confidence in difficult communications.


  • Demonstrating the Process
  • Providing an inner map for choosing life-serving choices.
  • Individual practice, application of the inner map.
  • Group harvesting and debrief.

Day 4 Compassionate Mutuality


  • Learning a new approach to self-healing dialogues.
  • Self-responsibility as the foundation for self-healing in dialogue
  • Living in a container community of compassion.
  • Demonstrating the process of healing dialogue.
  • A guideline to self-healing dialogue.
  • Practice of the process of self-healing dialogue.


Februar 5 @ 9:30
Februar 8 @ 16:30

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