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“Dive Deep!” – 1st International New-Years-Dyad-Retreat

22. Januar 2021 @ 18:00 - 27. Januar 2021 @ 13:00

Our next big and new step in bringing the Dyad practice to the world: The first ever “Dive Deep!” International New-Years-Dyad-Retreat is taking place at the spectacular Oddechowo retreat center about 50km North East of Warsaw.

With up to 40 participants from Poland, Europe and possibly other continents we will dive deep into our own present self and explore the nature of life and being for 5 full days in the deepest and meaningful sense that we can imagine.

Is this retreat for me?

Did you ever wish to be more connected to yourself? Are you in your daily life rather „doing“ than „being“? How would it be to listen and to be listened to with full presence? Not for 10 minutes, not for 1 hour, not for a  one day: For 5 days in a row ?? Can you even imagine how that would feel?

Do you have a sense that there is more in life than what your eyes can see and your ears can hear? Are you seeking a deeper sense of aliveness, a way to feel deeply connected to yourself, to other people, the universe or life itself? And is it important for you to make your own authentic and personal experience without being “taught” or told “how” or “what” to experience?

If these questions speak to you, come and join our „Dive Deep!“, the first ever International New-Years-Dyad-Retreat 50km away from Warsaw, Poland. During these 5 days you will be introduced to the dyad meditation practice which allows you to explore and express your deep inner self with words and be listened to fully. You can also experience the gift of your pure presence to someone else. If you are already experienced with this practice you are more than welcome to join in AND if you are completely new to the Dyad practice you are fully welcome as well!

We will primarily be doing many dyad meditations per day and also have rounds in the group for sharing and questions  and time for movement and integration. The schedule is well balanced so that you can dive as deep as you wish and take care of your physical needs as well.

We will also have a very safe and nourishing support structure, facilitators and assistants who will be holding the space for you and always be available for support and the most beautiful venue for us to be feel comfortable and relaxed.

The facilitators:

You might want to know: Who is hosting and facilitating this retreat and how are they qualified. Good question! 😉

We, Iris and Jürgen have been doing Dyads and Dyad retreats for more than 10 years by now. We are deeply rooted in the practice of Non-Violent-Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Living Compassion by Robert Gonzales and the practice of the Dyad meditation process as we learned and continually practice it with Robert Gonzales.

It is hard to describe the beauty, bliss and fulfillment we experience within ourselves and within the participants when hosting these intense Dyad retreats. Of all the things we offer, these are the most nourishing and fulfilling for everyone involved, including ourselves.

We also understand that signing up for an extensive and intensive experience like this is a significant decision which needs to be thought through and fitting for your needs and intentions. If you have more questions about us or unsure if this is the right retreat for you: Please do not hesitate and contact us.

Are you new to the Dyad process? Here’s a short introduction by Robert Gonzales, the initiator of the dyad process as we will be practicing it:

Her you can see what other participants are sharing about dyad retreats:

The main language of the seminar will be English without permanent translation. And if you don’t understand something specific in the big group you can always ask for one of us to translate from or into your own language. Especially for participants from Poland: There will likely be a large number of participants from Poland, so it will be easy to do your Dyads in polish if you wish to do so.

Times, dates, logistics and registration:

Dates: January 22nd to January 27th 2021 – We start with dinner at 06:00 p.m. on Friday and end with lunch on the last day.


ODDECHOWO Development Center –
ul. Nielubowicza 6, 05-281,
05-281 Urle Borzymy, Poland


The price for accomodation for 5 nights and 3 meals per day is XXX € per person.
You will book and pay your room directly at Oddechowo.

Retreat contribution:

In order to be able to welcome as many participants from various countries with different financial capabilities,
we work with a so called “sliding scale”. This means that within our given range you can freely choose your own level of contribution.

For this Dyad retreat you choose your contribution between 1200,- € and 300,- €. Please let us know the amount of your choice when registering.

When choosing your price level please consider your own needs and financial situation as well as our needs as the ones offering this retreat and making a living out of doing this. If you have difficulty in making up your mind or have more questions about this approach, please contact us directly and we are happy to reply or have a conversation with you.


You can register directly via the website of our polish partner, Ewa Panufnik here:

After registration you will get all necessary information about payment, booking room & board at the venue and a questionnaire we ask you to fill, which ensures that you know what you are signing up for and we know who will be present and what their wishes and dreams are.


22. Januar 2021 @ 18:00
27. Januar 2021 @ 13:00