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About us

Seminars from, for and with gourmets

We are Iris Bawidamann and Jürgen Engel and we love seminars.

We visit them, lead them, organize them and simply have great fun with it.

With Seminar Gourmets we connect inspired people and create a unique space for learning, growth, connection and community.

What’s special about Gourmet Seminars?

We invite Gourmet-Trainers, most of them which we have experienced personally, who inspired us and which we believe will add a lot of value to our network.

As a “Gourmet-Trainer” we see teachers who have developed a unique approach to Non-Violent-Communication (NVC) and other complementary disciplines and approaches which adds a new angle and contribution to what is already available in Germany. We especially seek to discover and invite interesting teachers from abroad.

We attract Gourmet Participants, who may have seen a lot already and who want to make sure that they invest their time into a great seminar, which fits their ideas and dreams and want to experience something special and unique.

We deliver Gourmet Service, are in close contact and dialogue with prospective and actual participants, support the choice of the most fitting seminar(s), enjoy to offer support in implementing the inspiration after the seminar and keep finding and choosing new trainers and seminars, which fit the needs and interests of our participants.

For Gourmet Seminars we love to discover and create the distinct and unique. With passion for detail we find and design the seminar location, the ambiance and also our service for trainers and participants is full of delicacies.

Give us a call, we enjoy to be there for you!

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