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Registration for Awakening to Life Intensive  24. Juni - 1. Juli 2018

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1. What calls you to this retreat? (*)

2. How do you feel about the intensity of the schedule (we work from 07.00 to 22.00)?(*)

3. How do you feel about the request to refrain from using internet - including e-mail - and telephones, unless absolutely urgent, for the duration of the whole retreat?(*)

4. How do you feel about the request to keep your intention and focus on conscious inquiry into the deepest authenticity (rather than engaging in casual socializing) during the entire retreat, including during breaks and free time?(*)

5. To what extent are you committed to immerse yourself to the retreat with your full presence?(*)

6. How many days (approximately) of NVC trainings with CNVC certified trainers have you completed so far?(*)

7. Do you have a history of intense psychological/emotional condition? If so, please explain.(*)

8. Please provide the name and mobile-phone number of a person that you would like us to contact in case of medical emergency.(*)

I am aware that profound personal shifts may occur at the Awakening to Life Intensive retreat, and am taking full responsibility for any intense psychological/emotional experiences that may happen to me, and for any changes in my life that may follow.

I understand and agree to the disclaimer above(*)

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